Katie Kim and Jeff

As we all know, many things in life go in cycles. As many of you know, academic life also follows cycles. We have cycles of research interests, teaching, mentoring….With respect to mentoring, I’m happy to report that after doing some grueling analytical research for their thesis topics, Kim Scalise and Katie Supler (shown below), have graduated with their master’s degrees,…. and they are still smiling – go figure! Both of them have moved on. Katie has gotten a job as Environmental Health Specialist with Durham County, NC. Kim is somewhere in New England, which by my last check of the weather, is a regional block of ice! My two current students, Jeff Minnehan and Abigail Boutilier are doing well. Abigail, an undergraduate, is a new mom, trying to juggle parenthood and research while obtaining an undergradute degree in chemistry. Jeff is a master’s student who these days, cycles between the “I’m gonna cry” look (see below) and the “I wanna be done or I will kill people” look (too scary to display in a public forum). Fortunately, he has been intensely writing and will defend soon. Since last year, we have also had Sophie Carman join us from Anthropology. I am coadvising Sophie and was recenlty informed by her co-advisor that Sophie is a kick boxer. Hmm…..what could possibly go wrong with that scenario?! So the mentoring cycle continues, fueled by the hard work conducted by these great students!