Dr. Mitra's Courses

Below you will find details about the courses that Dr. Mitra is currently teaching at East Carolina University. To find specifics about one, simply click on it to view it in more details and download the course syllabus.

Geology 1550

Examines the fundamental concepts and principles of geological, physical, chemical, and biological systems of the world ocean. Topics covered include the origin of ocean basins, the origin of sea water and its chemical composition, ocean circulation, tide and wave dynamics, coastal and ocean ecosystems, marine resources and pollution. Emphasis on the global interdependency of the atmosphere, hydrosphere, and geosphere.

Geology 1700

Scientific examination of important environmental issues through geochemical investigation of Earth’s atmosphere, geosphere, and hydrosphere. Discussion of past and present controls on the composition of the atmosphere, freshwater, oceans, groundwater, soils and sediments. Topics include environmentally relevant problems such as global warming, acid rain, groundwater/soil/water pollution, sea level rise and global climate change.

Geology 7830/7930

Biogeochemistry involves the study how geological environments are affected by biological and chemical processes.  The course involves survey of the major global cycles of biogeochemically relevant elements of the periodic table (C, O, S, N, Fe, P), and examines the evolution of these cycles in various modern environments and through geologic time. Topics include weathering, acid-base chemistry, biological redox processes, nutrient cycling, trace gas fluxes, bio-active metals, the use of isotopic tracers, and mathematical models. Interactions between global biogeochemical cycles and other components of the Earth system are discussed.