Dr. Mitra's Publications

Welcome to the Publications page. Here you'll find a complete list of all the publications I've authored or co-authored with a link to download the paper. Some of these are peer-reviewed and some are considered "gray literature". These publications are the culmination of a lot of field work, lab work, and writing effort done not only by me but also by many talented and qualified students and colleagues. In most cases, you'll need Adobe Acrobat to be able to access the publications. I try to keep this updated regularly but if you need something not on this list, let me know.

Publications by Siddhartha Mitra (*indicates graduate students; **indicates undergraduate students)

Del Rosario, K.L.*, Mitra, S., Humphrey, C., O’Driscoll, M.A. In Press. Detection of Pharmaceuticals and other Personal Care Products in Groundwater Beneath and Adjacent to Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems in a Coastal Plain Shallow Aquifer. Submitted to Science of the Total Environment.

Del Rosario, K.L.*, Humphrey, C.P., Mitra, S., O’Driscoll, M. 2014. Nitrogen and carbon dynamics beneath on-site wastewater treatment systems in Pitt County, North Carolina. Water Science and Technology, doi: 10.2166/wst.2013.765.

Leorri, E., Mitra, S., Irabien, M. J., Zimmerman, A, Blake, W, Cearreta, A. 2014. A 700 year record of combustion-derived pollution in northern Spain: Tools to identify the Holocene/Anthropocene transition in coastal environments. Science of the Total Environment. 470: 240-247.

Mitra, S., Wozniak, A.S., Miller, R., Hatcher, P.G., Buonassissi, C., Brown, M. 2013. Multiproxy probing of rainwater dissolved organic matter (DOM) composition in coastal storms as a function of trajectory. Marine Chemistry, 154: 67-76.

Mitra, S., Zimmerman, A.R., Hunsinger, G.B, Woerner, W**. 2014. Black carbon in large river systems. Chapter 9 (pp. 200 – 234), in: Biogeochemical Dynamics at Large River-Coastal Interfaces: Linkages with Global Climate Change, edited by Thomas S. Bianchi, Mead A. Allison, and Wei-Jun Cai, Cambridge Press.

Li, X., Bianchi, T.S., Allison, M.A., Chapman, P., Mitra, S., Zhang, Z., Yang, G., Yu, Z. 2012. Composition, abundance, and age of total organic carbon in surface sediments from the inner shelf of the East China Sea. Marine Chemistry, 145-147: 37-52.

Hunsinger, G.B.*, Mitra, S., Findlay, S.E.G., Fischer, D. 2012. Littoral zone influences on particulate organic matter composition along the freshwater-tidal Hudson River, New York. Limnology and Oceanography, 57: 1303-1316.

Mitra, S., Kimmel, D.G., Snyder, J.**, Scalise, K.*, McGlaughon, B.D., Roman, M., Jahn, G.L., Pierson, J.J., Brandt, S.B., Montoya, J.P., Campbell, P.L., Rosenbauer, R.J., Lorenson, T.D., Wong, F.D. 2012. Macondo-1 well oil-derived polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in mesozooplankton from the northern Gulf of Mexico. Geophysical Research Letters, VOL. 39, L01605, doi:10.1029/2011GL049505. FEATURED IN SCIENCE DAILY (March 20, 2012).

Allison,M.A., Dellapenna, T.M., Gordon, E.S., Mitra, S., and Petsch, S.T. 2010. Impact of Hurricane Katrina (2005) on deltaic evolution and shelf organic carbon cycling. Geophysical Research Letters, doi:10.1029/2010GL044547.

Hunsinger, G.B.*, Mitra, S., Findlay, S.E.G., Fischer, D. 2010. Riparian-influenced particulate organic material distributions along the freshwater-tidal Hudson River, New York. Limnology and Oceanography. 55: 1653-1667.

Hunsinger, G.B.*, Mitra, S. Particulate Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Export by Fringe Wetlands of the Tidal Hudson River. Submitted to Environmental Science and Technology.

Hunsinger, G. B.*, Mitra, S., Findlay, S.E.G., Fischer, D. 2009. Wetland-driven shifts in suspended particulate organic matter composition of the Hudson River estuary, New York. Submitted to Limnology and Oceanography.

Patel, N.*, Mitra, S., Zimmerman, A. R. 2009. Correlation Between Drought and Black Carbon Sequestration in Lake Bosumtwi, Ghana Sediments. Geological Society of America (GSA) Abstracts with Programs Vol. 41.

Cousineau, L.M.* and Mitra, S. 2008. Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Product Contamination in Surface Waters: A Case Study of the Upper Susquehanna River, Implications for North Carolina’s Raw Drinking Water in the Face of Future Global Warming, and Considerations for Policy Implementation. Proceedings of the Safe and Sustainable Drinking Water in Developing and Developed Countries: Where Science Meets Policy.

Hopwood, M, Mitra, S. Feeding Households: A Multiproxy Method for Analysis of Food Preparation in the Halaf Period, at Fıstıklı Höyük, Turkey. 2009. Household Archaeology: New Perspectives from the Near East and Beyond. Special Volume, Bradley J. Parker and Catherine P. Foster (eds).

Mitra, S., Lalicata, J.J.**, Allison, M. A., Dellapenna, T.M. 2009. The Effects of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita on Seabed Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Dynamics in the Gulf of Mexico. Marine Pollution Bulletin. 58: 851-857.

Mitra, S., Zimmerman, A.R., Hunsinger, G.B.*, Willard, D., and Dunn, J.C.* 2009. A Holocene record of climate-driven shifts in coastal carbon sequestration, Geophysical Research Letters, 36, L05704, doi:10.1029/2008GL036875.

Hunsinger, G.B.*, Mitra, S., Warrick, J.A., Alexander, C.R. 2008. Oceanic Loading of Wildfire-Derived Organic Compounds from a Small Mountainous River. Journal of Geophysical Research – Biogeosciences. VOL. 113, G02007, doi: 10.1029/2007JG000476.

Hammes, K., Schmidt, M.W.I., Currie, L.A. (Ret.), Ball, W.P., Fukudome, M., Nguyen, T.H., Louchouarn, P., Houel, S., Gustafsson, O., Elmquist, M., Cornelissen, G., Smernik, R.J., Skjemstad, J.O., Masiello, C.A., Song, J., Peng, P., Mitra, S., Dunn, J.C.*, et al (28 other coauthors). 2007.  Comparison of quantification methods to measure fire-derived (black/elemental) carbon in soils and sediments using reference materials from soil, water, sediment and the atmosphere. Global Biogeochemical Cycles. VOL. 21, GB3016, doi:10.1029/2006GB002914.

Landrum, P.F., Robinson, S.D., Gossiaux, D.C., You, J., Lydy, M., Mitra, S., TenHulscher, T.E.M. 2007. Predicting Bioavailability for Sediment-Associated Organic Contaminants for Diporeia spp. and oligochaetes. Environmental Science and Technology. 41: 6442-6447.

Rice, S.L**, Mitra, S. 2007. Microwave-Assisted Solvent Extraction of Solid Matrices and Subsequent Detection of Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products (PPCPs) Using Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry. Analytica Chimica Acta. 589: 125-132.

Kukkonen, J.V.K., Mitra, S., Landrum, P.F., Gossiaux, D.C., Gunnarsson, J., Weston, D.L. 2005. The Contrasting Roles of Plant-derived Carbon Versus Black Carbon on Hydrophobic Organic Contaminant Availability to Diporeia spp. and Lumbriculus variegatus. Environmental Toxicology & Chemistry. 24: 877-885.

Mitra, S. 2005. Riverine Discharge of Black Carbon and Its Role in the Global Carbon Cycle. USGS Mendenhall Project Summary http://geology.usgs.gov/postdoc/summaries/mitra.html.

Kukkonen, J.V.K., Landrum, P.F., Mitra, S., Gossiaux, D.C., Gunnarsson, J., Weston, D.L. 2004. The Role of Desorption for Describing the Bioavailability of Select PAH and PCB Congeners for Seven Laboratory Spiked Sediments. Environmental Toxicology & Chemistry. 23: 1842-1851.

Kukkonen, J.V.K., Landrum, P.F., Mitra, S., Gossiaux, D.C., Gunnarsson, J., Weston, D.L. 2003. Sediment Characteristics Affecting the Desorption Kinetics of Select PAH and PCB Congeners for Seven Laboratory Spiked Sediments.  Environmental Science & Technology. 37: 4656-4663.

Mitra, S. and Bianchi, T.S. 2003. A Preliminary Assessment of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAH) Distributions in the Lower Mississippi River and Gulf of Mexico. Marine Chemistry. 82: 273-288.

Boyd, G.R., Reemtsma, H., Grimm, D.A., Mitra, S. 2003. Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products (PPCPs) in Surface and Treated Waters of Louisiana, USA and Ontario, Canada. Science of theTotal Environment. 311: 135-149.

Mitra, S. 2002. Fluvial Discharge of Black Carbon and Its Role in the Global Carbon Cycle. USGS Soundwaves - http://soundwaves.usgs.gov/2002/01/fieldwork.html.

Mitra, S., Bianchi, T.S., McKee, B.A., Sutula, M.A. 2002. Sources and Seasonal Discharge of Fossil Fuel-derived Fluvial Black Carbon from the Mississippi River: Implications for the Global Carbon Cycle. Environmental Science & Technology. 36: 2296-2302.

Bianchi, T.S., Mitra, S., McKee, B.A. 2002. Sources of Terrestrially-derived Organic Carbon in Lower Mississippi River Sediments: Implications for Differential Sedimentation and Transport at the Coastal Margin. Marine Chemistry. 77: 211-223.

Mitra, S., Klerks, P., Bianchi, T.S., Means, J., and Carman, K. 2000a. Effects of Estuarine Organic Matter Biogeochemistry on the Bioaccumulation of PAHs by Two Epibenthic Species. Estuaries. 23: 864-876.

Mitra, S., Bianchi, T. S., Guo, L., and Santschi, P. H. 2000b. Terrestrially-derived Dissolved Organic Matter in the Chesapeake Bay and the Middle Atlantic Bight. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta. 64: 3547-3557.

Mitra, S. and Dickhut, R. M. 1999. Three Phase Modeling of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Association with Pore Water Dissolved Organic Carbon. Environmental Toxicology & Chemistry. 18: 1144-1148.

Mitra, S., Dellapenna, T. M., Dickhut., R. M. 1999a. Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Distribution within Lower Hudson River Estuarine Sediments: Physical Mixing vs. Sediment Geochemistry. Estuarine Coastal & Shelf Science. 49: 311-326.

Mitra, S., Dickhut, R. M., Kuehl, S. A., Kimbrough, K. L. 1999b. Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAH) Source, Sediment Deposition Patterns, and Particle Geochemistry as Factors Influencing PAH Distribution Coefficients in Sediments of the Elizabeth River, VA, USA. Marine Chemistry. 66: 113-127.

Schaffner, L. C. Dickhut, R. M., Mitra, S., Lay, P., Brower-Riel, C. 1997. Effects of Physical Chemistry and Bioturbation by Estuarine Macrofauna on the Transport and Fate of Hydrophobic Organic Contaminants in the Benthos. Environmental Science & Technology. 31: 3120-3125.

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